Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekender 8/21. A quickie.

Everyone likes a quickie, right?
We've got friends playing all over the place tonight.

Hopefully you didn't miss it last night, but Dinosaur Feathers had their (stellar) EP release party with Shark? and is giving their EP away.
Listen: Dinosaur Feathers - Don't Fear the Vagabonds
Listen: Shark? - Oh My

Moving forward to tonight:
Pet Ghost Project, and Phil and the Osophers at Shea Stadium
Listen: Pet Ghost Project - They Built a City in my Country Mind
Listen: Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer

You Can Be a Wesley at Trash Bar
Listen: You Can Be A Wesley - Feed the Moon, Starve the Sun

The Antlers (Sold Out Re-Release Party for 'Hospice') with Murder Mystery at Mercury Lounge
Listen: The Antlers - Sylvia
Listen: Murder Mystery - Love Astronaut

Nine Inch Nails, and The Horrors at Bowery Ballroom
Listen: Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have
Listen: The Horrors - Primary Colours

My Teenage Stride at Bruar Fallls
Listen: My Teenage Stride - To Live and Die In the Airport Lounge

Girl Talk at East River State Park
Listen: Girl Talk - Like This

Bear in Heaven at Pianos
Listen: Bear in Heaven - Werewolf

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