Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting of Important People; A Steel Curtain of Sound

I held off on this post when I learned that Meeting of Important People was playing a show with Ladybug Transistor at Union Hall. It's one thing to tout an album (which I've done quite frequently with MOIP, as I devoured the album after just one listen) and another to tell you what you you're in for for a live show.

What I (and a nice collection of others) were privy to was a sonic onslaught from a tight trio who brought a high-energy show to New York from their hometown of Pittsburgh. I had high expectations; those were blown away.

Seeing Meeting of Important People live allowed me to hear their influences more clearly, because when they played live, in one song, you could hear Brian Wilson or the Beatles, and the next would project a more raw, witty post-punk feel of say, Dead Milkmen. But it's all streamlined through a powerful indie-pop sound that's as catchy as anything I've heard this year. It was a set that left me wanting more and made me even more excited to have them back to New York for our showcase at Cameo.

Meeting of Important People have carved their niche and know themselves well as seen on their bio on their MySpace: "Haunting melodies over garage pop, mod-folk, even some dancy punk." Perfect. But there's an element to MOIP that's intangible. They have that charisma on- and off-stage that's infectious. It makes you want to know them and their music more.

What can you expect from Meeting of Important People? A lot of "wow." A lot of verve. A lot of reflection of the music they make that translates oh so well onto stage. Expect loud. Expect melodic. Expect to be floored.

Listen: I Know Every Streeet

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