Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting of Important People; A Steel Curtain of Sound

I held off on this post when I learned that Meeting of Important People was playing a show with Ladybug Transistor at Union Hall. It's one thing to tout an album (which I've done quite frequently with MOIP, as I devoured the album after just one listen) and another to tell you what you you're in for for a live show.

What I (and a nice collection of others) were privy to was a sonic onslaught from a tight trio who brought a high-energy show to New York from their hometown of Pittsburgh. I had high expectations; those were blown away.

Seeing Meeting of Important People live allowed me to hear their influences more clearly, because when they played live, in one song, you could hear Brian Wilson or the Beatles, and the next would project a more raw, witty post-punk feel of say, Dead Milkmen. But it's all streamlined through a powerful indie-pop sound that's as catchy as anything I've heard this year. It was a set that left me wanting more and made me even more excited to have them back to New York for our showcase at Cameo.

Meeting of Important People have carved their niche and know themselves well as seen on their bio on their MySpace: "Haunting melodies over garage pop, mod-folk, even some dancy punk." Perfect. But there's an element to MOIP that's intangible. They have that charisma on- and off-stage that's infectious. It makes you want to know them and their music more.

What can you expect from Meeting of Important People? A lot of "wow." A lot of verve. A lot of reflection of the music they make that translates oh so well onto stage. Expect loud. Expect melodic. Expect to be floored.

Listen: I Know Every Streeet

Look for Meeting of Important People on:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekender 8/21. A quickie.

Everyone likes a quickie, right?
We've got friends playing all over the place tonight.

Hopefully you didn't miss it last night, but Dinosaur Feathers had their (stellar) EP release party with Shark? and is giving their EP away.
Listen: Dinosaur Feathers - Don't Fear the Vagabonds
Listen: Shark? - Oh My

Moving forward to tonight:
Pet Ghost Project, and Phil and the Osophers at Shea Stadium
Listen: Pet Ghost Project - They Built a City in my Country Mind
Listen: Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer

You Can Be a Wesley at Trash Bar
Listen: You Can Be A Wesley - Feed the Moon, Starve the Sun

The Antlers (Sold Out Re-Release Party for 'Hospice') with Murder Mystery at Mercury Lounge
Listen: The Antlers - Sylvia
Listen: Murder Mystery - Love Astronaut

Nine Inch Nails, and The Horrors at Bowery Ballroom
Listen: Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have
Listen: The Horrors - Primary Colours

My Teenage Stride at Bruar Fallls
Listen: My Teenage Stride - To Live and Die In the Airport Lounge

Girl Talk at East River State Park
Listen: Girl Talk - Like This

Bear in Heaven at Pianos
Listen: Bear in Heaven - Werewolf

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimming in Speakers; Sonic Fluid That Spills from the Soul

Chris Clarke certainly knows a good thing when he hears it, and hearing Meadow Eliz sing for the first time was no exception. The story of these two came to be "Swimming in Speakers" is an adorable tale of happenstance and persistence, and could be a blog entry all it's own.

Over the past few months, I've gotten to know Chris quite a bit after falling quite hard for Swimming in Speakers' music. What catches you off-guard about them, is the underlining innocence beneath their extraordinary talent. If you listen to their EP, you'd never know that most of the tracks were captured in just a couple takes, which speaks volumes about a) how well they work together and b) how talented they are. From the undeniably catchy "Serve them Well" and "In Knowing," to the moody and insightful of "Near My Ear" and "Evergreen," these two have created a sound that is accessible to everyone.

Chris is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and uses Meadow's voice (we'll get into that in a moment) as the lead, often layered, never compromised. He knows exactly how to complement it, when to push other sounds, when to hold back. There's a rich, but delicate aspect to what they create, and I haven't quite figured out how they've achieved that. There's so much depth that it makes your head, well, swim. The effects he adds create a mood, but never take away from the focus of the songs. He and Meadow push each other and are musical siblings.

Meadow's darling voice, at one listen, is a drug. It turning the listener into putty as she bends, lifts, stabs, and caresses with her voice all so effortlessly. To compare her to Harriet Wheeler or Caroline Crawley is not a stretch in the least, and she might be better than both. She has that certain quality that separates her, a tonality that sets her apart from the many talented sirens out there. And, I'm told, she plays a hell of a guitar.

Both Chris and Meadow have a theater background. Both have a very distinct personality, even from each other. But they work frighteningly well together, and I hold great hope for a good career from them. Even more so, I cannot wait to see what they do live.

Listen: Swimming in Speakers - In Knowing

Swimming in Speakers on MySpace

Label Launch Showcase Event - Reasons for My Absence

I've been busy. Life has taken some interesting turns over the past eight months, and it's come to a head. I'm happy to announce our label launch showcase at Cameo Gallery on Saturday, September 26.

Over the next few weeks, in addition to some interviews (O+S, Ume, A Million Years, and some others) I'm going to post a short write-up of the bands that will be playing at the show. Hope to see you there! This is the first of a few showcases we have over the next six months!

To do one a week, I had better start promoting the bands playing, beginning with internet phenom Swimming in Speakers, who is leaving the confines of upstate New York and playing their first live set together...

Pet Ghost Project
The Rest
The Hush Now
Meeting Of Important People
Swimming in Speakers

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekender Concert Calendar, 8/6

Hello, New York. I'm hoping you've had a bit of recovery time from APW last weekend (at least the first two days) because you have more shows to attend to this weekend. These are just a few of the many great artists to see around the city over the weekend.

As always, if you're playing a gig in New York and I haven't mentioned it, feel free to drop me an email. I hate to exclude anyone.

Cursive, and The Love Language at Maxwell's (Hoboken)
Listen: Cursive - From the Hips
Listen: The Love Language - Lalita

Mark Kozelek at Music Hall of Williamsburg
Listen: Mark Kozelek - New Partner (Palace Music Cover)

Bad Veins, The Boxer Rebellion, and Now Now Every Children at Mercury Lounge
Listen: Bad Veins - Gold and Warm
Listen: The Boxer Rebellion - Misplaced
Listen: Now, Now Every Children - Sleep Through Summer

Finding Fiction at Cameo
Listen: Finding Fiction - I'll Buy

The Pernice Brothers at Bowery Ballroom
Listen: The Pernice Brothers - My So-Called Celibate Life

Deer Tick, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Prospect Park Bandshell
Listen: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Paint it Black (Daytrotter Session)
Listen: Deer Tick - Hell on Earth

Free Energy at Mercury Lounge
Listen: Free Energy - Dream City

Harvey Danger at The Bell House
Listen: Harvey Danger - Save it for Later (English Beat cover)

Simian Mobile Disco, The Fiery Furnaces, and Dark Meat at Beacon Theater
Listen: Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation
Listen: The Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near
Listen: Dark Meat - Well, Fuck You Then

Pet Ghost Project at Cameo
Listen: Pet Ghost Project - They Built a City in My Country Mind