Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Weekender Concert Calendar - The Siren Festival

There are a ton of great shows this weekend, but the primary focus will the the Siren Festival, complete with afterhours party.

The good folks over at Knox Road have put together a very well-done preview of what the festival is and the artists who will be there. So I'm going to cheat my way out of this weekender by directing you there to get their take on things and get some samples from who's going to be there as a bit of enticement. Here's a few hints of my own:

Listen: Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood (Live)
Listen: Micachu & The Shapes - Curly Teeth
Listen: Tiny Masters of Today - La-La Land
Listen: Built to Spill - The Plan (Live)
Listen: Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

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