Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday 8-Track, One Day Early

Your Saturday 8-Track is going up a day early as I'm going to be busting out of this joint for the weekend. I'll be blipping and tweeting and all of that jazz, but for the most part, doing my own thing for a change. Theme? Hodge-podge. Fitting for the past year of my life.

MP3: Pet Ghost Project - Death In A Pixel
MP3: Cause Co-Motion - You Lose
MP3: Wheat - Hey, So Long (Ohio)
MP3: Glad Hearts - Nothing If We're Not Moving
MP3: Phoenix - Girlfriend
MP3: The Hush Now - Hiding in Corners
MP3: Deer Tick - Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon Cover)
MP3: The Tallest Man On Earth - I Won't Be Found

In other news, I reluctantly started a group on Facebook for this little blog. If you're on Facebook and want to get updates as posts happen, join here.
Happy listening!

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