Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Hardest Working Ghost in the Business - Pet Ghost Project's CD Release Party!

Pet Ghost Project CD Release Party
Where: Fontana's
When: Friday, May 29, 2009 at 7:00pm

It's a pain-staking, birthing process to write, record, rehearse, produce and distribute an EP or an LP. To do one of each simultaneously is, at the very least, a daunting task. To have each be breathtaking, and breathtakingly different from one another, is, well, I'm not sure a word has been thought of for it. (Maybe by the end of this post, I'll have come up with one.)

But that's exactly what Justin Stivers has accomplished. My affinity for Justin and his Pet Ghost Project is no secret, as a musician, composer, and friend. Since the release of "Cheer Up ~ It's Raining" in the latter part of 2008, Justin has been quietly but furiously working away, going about his business of playing (with live ghosties Justin Gonzalez and Jake More,) composing, and crafting music that coerces the listener through new sonic boundaries, coming out the o
ther side eyes a bit wider, ears a bit shell-shocked. His latest two efforts are, dare I say, his most adventurous and best yet. They are stunning movements each, "Idiot Brain, Genius Heart" an exploration into Justin's darker, more chaotic side, and "The Wordless Conversation" a 7-track instrumental LP where Stivers flexes his musical muscles, unraveling every reverberating fiber of his being.

So with that, I'm not sure there is anyone out there who deserves a party more than Justin and his crew. And they won't be alone. They'll have the support of friends of quiet Loudly and Dinosaur
Feathers, two fantastic acts that round out a bill that promises to be a spectacular show. See you at Fontana's on Friday! (Oh, the best word I could come up with is "momentous.")

Listen: Pet Ghost Project - Death in a Pixel (from the forthcoming 'The Wordless Conversation')
Listen: Pet Ghost Project - Wires from the Ceiling (from the forthcoming 'Idiot Brain, Genius Heart')

Special Guests:
Listen: quiet Loudly - Over the Balcony
Listen: Dinosaur Feathers - History Lessons

Purchase Pet Ghost Project from CDBaby
Pet Ghost Project's Official Site
Pet Ghost Project on MySpace

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