Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pet Ghost Project; A Sonic Boomerang That Grows Louder With Each Pass

I have been touting the genius of Pet Ghost Project since the inception of this music soapbox. I love Justin Stivers like a brother, and am getting to know his bandmates Justin Gonzalez and Jake More a bit better every day. I consider myself lucky to know them and even luckier at how much faith they placed in myself and Jenn months ago.

What makes Pet Ghost Project so special? A lot, actually. What you get from them is a stunningly honest messages weaved throughout layers of sound that draw on everything from classic jazz, to surf rock, to indie pop. There's a line in what you would call "experimental noise" and "music," and Pet Ghost Project knows exactly where that line is. They push it as far as it can get without ever crossing the boundary. Everything, no matter how crashing and pounding and intense it gets, remains harmonic and melodious. They know when to push, when to pull, when to break. They let you go for a moment or two, then come right back at you with songs that go from thought-provoking to heart-wrenching, but never give you a cushion to land safely on.

I can say with all honesty, that nearly everyone who has sat down and put in a CD from Pet Ghost Project has come away completely transfixed. They create music that is unique and truly special. And we are so proud that Justin had the faith in our passion to to sign on and allow us to promote his creations. We're watching him finally catch on. We watch him get excited by every review, and every bit of deserved praise. And we know it's only a matter of a bit of time before he won't be able to keep up with it all. We've got so much in the hopper for Pet Ghost Project, so look for some big announcements coming soon. Until then, Justin, Justin and Jake were kind enough to put together a smashing cover of Pavement's "Box Elder" to promote the showcase this Saturday at Cameo. Grab it below!

Listen: Box Elder (Pavement Cover)
I Throw Away Pennies, from "The Great Satisfactory"
Violent Dreams, from "Cheer Up ~ It's Raining"
Listen: The Consequence of Thinking, from "Idiot Brain, Genius Heart"
They Built a City in My Country Mind, from "The Wordless Conversation"

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