Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'The Hush Now' is Making Some Noise

So many times when I sit down to listen to music, I look at the titles of everything before I even pop in the cd or press play on iTunes. Such was the case with Boston's 'The Hush Now,' and their track listing of songs tickled my emotional buttons before I heard a single note. Then I listened.

What is wonderful about The Hush Now is that their songs ring true to their titles, and what you get is an almost storybook weaving of tales from the tender to the
forlorn sung in the alluring voice of Noel Kelly. They aren't always songs to make you feel good, but they always make you feel. And that, to me, is the best mark I can give. I liken The Hush Now to how I felt when listening to "Cerulean" by the Ocean Blue, that same evocation of emotion. There's a crispness that lulls the listener into a trance, and transports them to a more innocent time, a different place; one that was simpler, less grays, more black and white.

Combing through the endless praise of The Hush Now, you'll see the word "dripping." A lot. There's reason for that. The music is the foundation to The Hush Now, and
off that foundation, the crooned words drip off, leaving a rippling puddle that reverberates with every song. This is what indie pop is supposed to be: a collection of music and lyrics that are relative to everyone who has gone through life, had a heart broken, been torn apart and put back together.

Now set to release their second LP in January 2010 (and believe me, it's a gem,) "The Hush Now" are growing their fan base with their signature sound. It’s dream-pop elevated, a brand of music pulled from the past and modernized with their own hook that soothes the soul and teases the heart. The Hush Now most definitely have carved their path in the ears of many, and 'Hoping and Waiting' is already winning over fans and critics alike. We're thrilled to have The Hush Now come down to play on September 26.

Listen: Hoping and Waiting
Listen: Bedtime Stories

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