Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday 8-Track

Today I had a much-needed pep talk with my friend Corinne about, well, a lot of things. That combined with a much-needed pep email from Mr. Stivers led me to this week's theme for the Saturday 8-Track.

Eight bands I (shamefully) haven't talked about that you should give a listen to. I will be doing more about each of them in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. They area all just fantastic, and I really think you'll enjoy getting to know them better.

If you are, or know, an artist that you think I would like, please feel free to email me. And, as always, you can stay on top of the most recent posts by joining my Facebook group.

Listen: Logan Lynn (from Portland, OR) - Feed Me to the Wolves
Listen: Elika (from Brooklyn, New York) - The Whip
Listen: Photons (from San Fransisco, CA) - Where Were You Last Night
Listen: Hip Like! [Blank] (from the greater New York City area) - Can I Get a Sick Day
Listen: The Hush Now (from Boston, MA) - Bedtime Stories
Listen: Andy J. Gallagher (from London, UK) - Something Else
Listen: Foreign Born (from Los Angeles, CA) - Early Warnings
Listen: Meeting of Important People (from Pittsburgh, PA) - Hanky Church


  1. A bunch of fantastic bands.

    I particularly enjoy The Hush Now, Hipe Like! [blank] and Elika. Good choices there.