Sunday, June 21, 2009

How 'The Rest' Won, A Concert Review.

This is a different entry for me, but it's a rare treat when you get to watch friends, acquaintances and complete strangers fall in love with a band as they play right before their eyes. Such as the case with The Rest at the NYC Taper event on Friday, June 19 at Monster Island Basement. Somewhere between Anna's first draw on the bow, and when Adam Bentley hit a high with ease and perfection, my friend Heather (who had never heard them) turned to me, eyes wide, and said something that I'll never forget, something that made me remember the power that music still has over people:

"Oh my god. My heart."

About that time, the audience honed in. The usual chatter that you hear at shows rippled back into silence and admiration. And their attention was held for the next 40 minutes of their set. It was a joy to see, and as the show went on, the band fed off the energy and attentiveness; keys hammered, drums beat, bows lashing, and strings picked in a synergistic unison of highs and lows. I could not have been happier for Adam and crew.
This is not to take away a thing from the other wonderful acts that played at the intimate event (Coyote Eyes, for instance, gets their own write-up shortly.) But Hamilton, Ontario's 'The Rest' were playing in front of strangers in a strange land. But the audience responded with enthusiasm, and New York owes gratitude to Todd and Dan for bringing The Rest across the border to play. Here's to many happy returns.

Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings,) from the album 'Everyone All At Once'
The Close Western, from the album 'Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour'

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  1. Thanks for that excellent review, Jude. For your readers interested in hearing the concert, I have posted my recording at:

  2. adam from the rest...on a porch

  3. great review! brilliant show! cool venue! fabulous night! I just used up my daily allotment of exclamation points, but it was worth it. Thanks for turning me on to these guys - hope to catch them again soon.