Monday, April 13, 2009

Seeking "Hospice"

About a month ago, I was tapped to write a review of Peter Silberman's Antler's new album "Hospice." It was one of those times when an alum comes into your life at just the right moment. A month later, the album touches my soul deeper with every listen.

In 2006, Peter Silberman, the soul of the Antlers, moved to Manhattan. And disappeared.

For a year and a half, he stayed in his apartment, shutting himself away from friends, family, and life. Then, in 2007, he re-emerged, 21 years-old, free but broken. He wanted to explain his absence to those who cared about him through song. It would take that would take another year and a half to complete. A year and a half worth the wait.

The intention was an explanation, but ultimately, it transcended into a personal memoir, no less than allowing the listener to peer into the mind of a tortured soul, full of dysfunction and isolation, and a reminder never to lose oneself again. It’s a seamless tale of one man conquering his own demons, then bravely putting them out there for everyone to see.
Nothing short of
courageous, the lyrics alone will put this album in most listeners top five for the year. Then add the composition; rich, lush, moody, ambient; none of these words fall far short in describing the range this ballet for your ears accomplishes. There isn’t a single word or a single emotion that can describe it. These aren’t pop singles, this is an orchestrated masterpiece to be listened to as a single movement, each song documenting a moment in time, over a period of time.

Peter Silberman does it better than Ian Curtis, better than Will Sheff, better than Pete Townsend. What he has accomplished with ‘Hospice’ is not just music, it’s something that holds the hand of every one of your senses.
The reason for the album title is easy to see after one listen. It’s a journey, and a refuge. For those of us you have been down the road he traveled, it will be relative and poignant. For those of you who haven’t, it will be insight. For anyone who appreciates music, it will be an experience.

Antlers - Sylvia (Hospice)
Antlers - Shiva (Hospice)
Antlers - Cold War (Cold War)
Antlers - Uprooted (Uprooted)

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*All music used with permission by Peter Silberman and Antlers.

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